We are looking for women who might be interested in taking part in our clinical trial „Can osteopathic treatment influence pain and quality of live in women with vulvodynia?“

Affected women might suffer from:
• paresthesia or pain in the labia, the clitoris, the urethra or the entrance of the vagina
• even slight touch fells like sandpaper or needles
• recurring itching or burning without an infection
• tingling or pulsing that possibly even radiates to the anus or thigh

You can take part in the trial if:
• you are 18 years old minimum
• you suffer from the symptoms for at least 6 months
• you are not pregnant
• your gynecologist diagnosed a vulvodynia
• certain other diseases are excluded

If you can take part in the trial you will get 6 osteopathic treatments in a 3 week cycle without any costs for you. Treatments can take place in Berlin, Stralsund and Leipzig.

For more information please contact me or my collegue in Stralsund:
Mona Morgentau, 03832/264066, Email: lunamata at web.de


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